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The Queensland Gastroenterology Education Program (QGEP)

The Queensland Gastroenterology Education Program (QGEP) is a two year structured program of self-directed learning for Queensland Gastroenterology Trainees.  Established in 2009, the program is a state-wide initiative with involvement from all Queensland GE teaching hospitals and implementation of videoconferencing to all sites.  In 2015, the program has transitioned under the governance and oversight of the GESQ executive committee.

The formal goals of the QGEP are to:

  • Provide a structured approach to facilitate self directed learning for Queensland gastroenterology advanced trainees;

  • Enable the development of specialised clinical knowledge and skills in clinical reasoning across the breadth of gastroenterology and hepatology;

  • Facilitate trainee development of professional attitudes and behaviours consistent with the practice of a consultant physician/gastroenterologist;

  • Enhance the commitment of trainees to the principles and practice of continuing medical education;

  • Provide an opportunity for interhospital interaction and mentorship among trainees and consultants; and

  • Enhance the profile of gastroenterology as a leading specialty in Queensland and Australian postgraduate vocational training.

All trainees and fellows are encouraged to take advantage of these generous contributions of support.

The Program consists of case-based learning that is structured on the RACP curriculum, and comprises:

  • Weekly learning objectives with associated prescribed reading

    • One trainee is rostered each week to lead a discussion of the salient learning points from the weekly reading, providing a short (i.e., 15 slides) powerpoint presentation that can then be later distributed to trainees

  • Clinical vignettes with focused questions based on learning objectives

    • A consultant will be rostered to attend and facilitate a discussion of the questions.

The format will be augmented by invited speakers on key topics, including prominent local colorectal surgeons, pathologists, GI radiologists, oncologists and allied health.

Meetings take place in each of the GE teaching hospitals on Tuesday mornings from 7.30 – 9am, starting in March each year and running through to November. If you value trainee education and have a special interest in one or more of the curriculum topics we would welcome your involvement. Please contact the QGEP co-ordinator via for further details.

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